That cold winter day my life changed forever!
The experience was raw power; there are no
words in the English  language to adequately
express or describe that awesome experience.
...Suddenly this misty white cloudy looking substance
swiftly swirled around me like a whirlwind and drew me
upward; as I was drawn upward I saw this humongous
whitish, clear silhouette outline of a masculine male figure
standing high in the sky. He looked as an enormous stature
only He was just so real and alive; more real than anything
I have ever known. I knew right away that He was God!
The next thing I knew I was engulfed inside of Him where
I felt His amazing and unconditional love for me and every
other soul in the world. I wept profusely from the depth of
my soul for my soul was His soul. I was in Him and He
was in me for we were one and the same being merged
together. Unquestionably, without a doubt we live in Him,
as Paul said in the book of Acts verse 17:28,
"For in Him
We live and move and have our being." How true that
verse really is! Without Him we are nothing.
Read full story in White Light.
Reading contents will encourage and motivate your
soul while turning your heart toward the heart of God;
it will inspire your mind and stir your spirit to get to
know Him, and may even change your life perspective.
Your soul will be Stirred   
Your mind will be stimulated  
Your heart will be comforted
your faith in God will be increased
No longer will I deny or question God's existence, nor will I doubt His supreme power
and control over the Universe; for there is none like Him in all the earth. God said in
Isaiah 46:9, ...
"For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me."
He told me to write 3 books and He titled each one; He even told me what to share
with the readers. He wants you to know He loves you unconditionally. You will be
greatly inspired and meet His
Anointing Love in the pages of either book!

God is always speaking, but are we listening? He spoke these words to me one
evening just as I began working on my second book, Invisible Shield: He said,

"I am invisible. Everything you see represents Me. Everything you don't see is Me, clear without a spot. You
see, I touch everywhere. My spirit is in all places. It is up, it is down, and it is all around. I see spirit when I see
you. I see spirit in the flowers that bloom, in the trees that grow, and in the animals that breathe. When you lay
your head on your pillow and sleep at night -- when you snore -- you breathe spirit. You see, Spirit cannot be
divided. There are only different heights of the same spirit. You may know one level of spirit, someone else may
know another level of spirit, and yet, others may know levels of spirit that neither you, nor they know. Spirit is
everywhere you go. The same spirit lives in all of you as sure as you all breathe the same air. You may live in
Illinois, others may live in other parts of the earth, and still, My same spirit is right there. I hover close by every
child I create. I am in them all. I am above them, I am beneath them, and I am all around them. I encircle them
with My love. I will show them all a part of Me. I lead them to Me by My same gene, that being, My heart and
mind. My heart and My mind are not of this world, but from far above. I reach down on the inside where the
spirit dwells, and lead them to me, that where I am, they may be also."
I was stunned by those words...and pondered in my mind how He leads us to Himself  by His spirit that dwells
within us, and all I could say was WOW! WOW! That's powerful! How great You are LORD!
The Day My Life Changed Forever

Meeting God That Cold
Friday in January 1995, He
didn't judge me, accuse me,
or condemn me
,after all I had
done, but bathe me in the
warmth and comfort of His
overflowing love.
God wants us to know that we
can't be too bad or do too
much wrong for Him not to
love us! He TRULY LOVES

If you do not know Him you
are living with a void, an
emptiness inside your soul
that is yearning to be filled.
God is the only One capable
of filling and satisfying that
empty void feeling inside you.
He is a friend you do not
want to live or die without;
So why not open the door    

to your heart and invite Him
into your life today. If You
open the door through prayer
and thanksgiving
I guarantee you He will
surely come in.
Jeremiah 33:3 says, Call Me,
and I will answer you.. Psalm
91:15 says, He shall call
upon Me, and I will answer
him; I will be with him in
trouble; I will deliver him
and honor him.
Book 1. $16.95
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Book 3. $14.95
God is no stature, neither
is He dead, but absolutely
real and alive

God, our Heavenly Father let me know He is with us, He loves us, He is for us, never against us, never
forsakes us, He is always on our side! That's the GOSPEL of truth and Peace, because He is the LORD of
Peace, the only Source of Genuine Truth, Love and Peace. Too many people in the world today are
forfeiting all three, because they view God as someone who is constantly monitoring their lives -- peering at
them through critical eyes. But on the contrary, He gaze at you through eyes of perfect LOVE.
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I want only to uplift and point others to our awesome and loving God, but we MUST choose to accept Him -- if we don't, we automatically  reject Him!