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BookWire Review

"Prompted by the will of God Taliba Falaq embarks on her first literary endeavor in White Light: The
Eye View of God,  a personal testimony to the greatness of God and His goodness. Exploring definitions,
using extended analogies, and reinforcing her views with scriptures from the Qur'an, the Holy Bible,
Christian hymns, and various literary sources. Falaq delivers a powerful message regarding the existence
of both God and the devil, and man's role in God's plan.

No stranger to out-of -body experience, the author begins her personal relationship with God  through a
supernatural encounter that revealed the warmth and love of His light. Seeking  answers to her spiritual
questions, and believing that God reveals Himself to us in a variety of means, including the Holy Spirit,
angels, dreams, visions, and creation....Inspired by God's enlightenment, the author sets out to share what
God has shown her- the view from God's eye-- in a logical and comprehensible manner.

Looking at the world from the eye view of God means seeing things on a broader scale, realizing that all
religions have some truth in them and that the differences (in styles and ways of worship) are really
irrelevant. Falaq uses a variety of compelling analogies to explain why the only way to attain the ultimate
truth of  God is to set aside our cultural, social, and religious differences and focus on the similarities
instead. Truly believing that treating others with love and respect helps heal the world of its problems,
the author repeatedly encourage followers of all religious groups to come to the realization that God loves
diversity and He is united with the Universal Church  where God's love for everyone is the focus when we
trust and obey Him.

White Light: The Eye View of God masterfully casts the profundity of God's divine plan into the everyday
language of man. Allowing God's light to shine through her works, the author has provided a stirring and
illuminating look at what God wants from us and the power that He has given us to overcome the
darkness of this world."   
BookWire Review  March 14 2006
Encouraging others in finding their way to Heavenly Father by sharing powerful comments
and testimonies from some of those who have read the books and been inspired....
COMMENTS AND TESTIMONIALS / what others say about the books
Inspiring others through Comments and Testimonials
God Is The Light: reviewed by Scherris Holoway
I have read up to chapter 16 and I'm still reading. This book is about the awesomeness of God, I recommend it to those who believe. I even
recommend it to those who don't believe because when you finish this novel
you will believe. TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Spiritual Truths: reviewed by Ephrem A. Hayes  Invisible Shield
powerfully expresses spiritual insight and prophetic vision. Taliba
expounds impressively on her close encounters with God. The truth
she discovers while on her spiritual journey will not only reveal how
God deals with her, but will also clearly reveal how He uses simple
everyday situations to teach us valuable lessons that shows how great
He is. She tells how God told her to consistently immerse her finger
into a glass of water, and then put the water on her face--leaving it to
dry. Illustrating how important it is for us to constantly immerse
ourselves in the presence of God, staying lubricated with His spiritual
anointing, least we become dry and lacking; because the more of God
anointing power we have, the less dry or devoid, we become.

God is One: reviewed by Amin A. Falaq  Listening to the
expressions of White Light, one can almost feel the real meaning of the
trinity, the three in one, as it illustrates that the three Abrahamic Faiths
(Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are all one in the spirit. White Light
carries a powerful message that echoes from the human nature singing
in each one of us. The song is one of unity, despite religious
differences. The author establishes that God did make us into different
peoples, but not for the purpose of being enemies to one another,
rather, to become acquainted with one another. As a child of Abraham,
she calls her siblings to recognize that, we are all from the same seed.
White Light impresses upon the spirit that we are all from the seed of
Abraham, our father. Just as, if we come across a sibling whom we have
not known, except by the bad things we have heard about him/her, as
sibling from the loins of our biological father, we should at least honor
our father enough to get acquainted with that sibling.

I Am: reviewed by Jacquelyn Allen  This book takes you from one
truth to the next, showing you that there is but one God. He is the great
I Am. He is the great Jehovah, our Father, the Creator of heaven and
earth. He created you and me and He knows each one of us personally.
He loves us all, and all we have to do is seek Him as author Falaq did,
and He answered. ...He sent His only begotten Son to save us from our
sins. I think this book is telling us that God can get our attention
regardless of our life style. Her testimony of how God worked in her
life is just wonderful. Surely, God heard her cry! The way this book is
written is extraordinary; it pulls you into her world and God's world as
He revealed it to her. This book is written from the heart. Every person
who reads this book will acknowledge that we were created by God; a
God that gave His Son, Jesus Thank you sister Falaq for sharing your
journey with the world...

Thank You For White Light: reviewed by Paula Thomas  Taliba, I
Thank God for allowing our paths to cross. For if I had never met you I
would have missed out on the blessing of White Light coming into my
life. I've read through the entire book once and am now embarking on
my second journey.A couple points I've penned in my journal since
I've walked the paths pages of your book are: ...Page 70 where the
paragraph says, ;Isaiah 65:24 says, And it shall come to pass that
before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will
hear As I read, the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation that, Even though I
(God) have heard, I still hear. Even when it is but a thought, on course
and destined to be;a spoken uttered reality, I ;answered the petition in
thought form and yet hear and give attention and response to the actual
My Eyes Are A Different Color: reviewed by Paula Thomas   I am
on my second read of this awesome book. The more I read and the
deeper I go, the more I realize that I've spent a lot of time in my
Christian walk trying to do the right thing without doing what's right.
The revelation knowledge I'm receiving is causing me to see life totally
different and my eyes are now a different color.  

Finally We See: Reviewed By Valerie Spruce   Thank You
Lord for this book! Finally, we see how wonderful You are and
how loving You are too! Reading White Light we can see that
God made us different, but to Him we are all special. I pray that
we as a people will learn to accept each other as God accepts us
all. Thank you for sharing God's insight with us.

You Can Feel God: reviewed by Patrick Lockhart  Hello
Auntie, How are you? This email leaves me in good health and
high spirits. I have read the book my wife purchased from you
and I enjoyed reading it. My wife didn't get a chance to read it,
because when I left to go back to Korea I took the book with me.
I had only 4 days left on leave when I saw you. I guess you can
say I stole it from her. I have passed the book to some of my
friends and they also enjoyed it. My warrant officers went to
the website and order three books for himself. Auntie, I have
always felt that no religion is better than the next,...There are so
many walks of life and so many different religions in this world.
My path and others path are totally different. I feel that one
may choose Baptist, Christianity, Jehovah Witness or Catholic,
but as long as our objective is the same--that is the important
thing. Auntie, GOD has really been controlling my life for about
4 years now. Sometimes it gets a little scary though, because I
know how real God is. My mom and I talk all the time about the
Bible. I think I surprise her sometimes with the knowledge I
have. I read a lot and I understand a lot of what I read.  Right
now, my hands have this tingling drive to continue typing and
just open myself up to you. I know all this is GOD showing me
how we can be vessels for Him. Whoever reads this book will
feel GOD in the context. I really enjoyed the book. Thank
you!!!!!! Love, your Nephew Patrick;

I' am so glad you wrote White Light: reviewed by James
Ott, a student from the Cleveland Job Corps   Taliba Falaq I
just want to tell you that you are a great person. And you are a
good friend to us all (here at Cleveland Job Corps). I am so glad
that you have written this book White Light, because this book
really has got to me, I really didn't know that God could do all
the things that you said He has done for you. I do believe what
you said because I have had things happen too me also just like
it did to you. I want to say thank you because I don’t
like to read books at all, but when I picked up your book I
couldn't put it down. I do believe in God, and thank Him for
blessing you to put the words down and make this wonderful
book for us all to read {for people who believe in God, and those
who don't}. I hope I can get your next book Invisible Shield
within 6 to 7 weeks from now. Good job on your first book.
Keep your head up and keep writing those good books so we all
can read more about God. For the people out there who don't
believe in God, this will be a good book for them to read because
it will let them know who God is and how He can help everyone
through bad times and good times. Good luck on your third
book. I hope it's a good one as well. And always remember you
are a good friend to us all.


matter to God about your nationality or your
skin color, or if you are rich or poor, learned or
unlearned. It doesn't matter who you are, or
what you have or do, it doesn't even matter
where you are on the face of this earth; but
what does matter to God is "YOU," He wants you
to know how much He loves you. He sent His
son, Jesus to redeem you from sin and hell and
show you the way back to God. You are truly
God's choice! He says, "But you are a chosen
generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
His own special people, that you may proclaim
the praises of Him who called you out of
darkness into His marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9).
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She Finally Did It! Reviewer: Angela Norwood --- I did not
know when the exact date of the book to be published, but I want
to buy and read it now that I do know. I know Mrs. Falaq a bit
personally and she is a very positive role model and a sweet
person. If you got to know her, you would feel the same way. I
just wanted to extend my congratulations to her on her first novel!
...White Light