God left me so full of information and inspiration until I didn't know what to do except run
away from His presence and hide like Jonah. Finally my soul found rest when I began my
writing journey three years after a divine encounter with God in 1995, in Emerson Arkansas
in my mother's kitchen. It was the most powerful experience I have ever had that it
dramatically changed my life forever. God impelled me to write the first book in 1998, and He
told me to title it
White Light. No sooner than White Light was published, I clearly heard the
voice of God one morning while I was still lying in bed, He said, "You have three books to
write." I didn't want to believe what I heard.   

I jumped out of bed and began pacing the floor, saying, "Oh no! I can't be hearing right!
That couldn't have been God! I can't write another book I said franticly!" While still pacing the
floor, I responded to God and said, "Lord, that can't be You: Can it?  I am tired. I just finished
White Light. I can't write another book. Lord, I just can't! After a long pause I said, "What
would I say Lord?" "I wouldn't even know what to call it."

Nervously, still pacing back and forth hoping I wouldn't get a response from God. In fact,
I really didn't expect Him to answer, but to my surprise, I instinctively heard God say, "Call
Invisible Shield." Immediately, my soul was convinced and I knew God had spoken, but I
was afraid because I couldn't understand why God would want to use me. I didn't feel
qualified or worthy. But I have learned since then that God qualifies whom He calls.

Who was I
(I thought) that God would still want to keep using me to write books. I wanted to
be obedient, but afraid to embark on another writing journey. The very next morning God
awaken me and all I could hear was the word "infrared, infrared, infrared" shouting out in my
mind. I didn't understand what He meant at first; but then I remembered from my Geography
class that "infrared" was a kind of light you cannot see with the natural eye. Then I
understood I was to compare the word "infrared" with the word "invisible." God wanted me to
understand that just as we cannot see infrared light with our natural eyes --- likewise, we
cannot see God with our natural eyes, because He is invisible, and  He is Spirit that is
always there!

A few days later, I embarked on my second journey,
Invisible Shield. A few days after that,
God arrested  my attention and I clearly heard Him say, "Your third book will be called,
And Gladness
." I calmly continued to write while accepting the assignment without trying to
get out of it and talking back to God, for I knew He had spoken.

I have always enjoyed reading, and have read many books, but never dreamed I would be
the author of one book, let alone three. But that's the marvelous thing about God, when God
manifest Himself to you He will have you doing things you never dream possible. He
assigns you your purpose by giving you a task to complete for Him. I believe we all come into
the world with a specific purpose or assignment to do, but as we grow, we get  side tracked
by the camouflages of this troublesome world; or we get trapped in its darkness and
confusion and lose our way. Oh But God, He so loved us / the world that He sent His only
begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Truly
God sent His Son to redeem us and show us the way back home to Himself; for our true
identity  is found in Him and our true purpose is to know our Heavenly Father and experience
a personal  and loving relationship with Him!    

Book 3. A story of  
triumph and how
God will always
have the last word.
That word is,
will gives His
children peace in the
midst of their
storms, and strength
to endure the
pressure; therefore,
we can "Count It All
Joy" when trouble
comes our way.

I  only hope to inspire
your soul, and increase
your FAITH in GOD
through sharing my
testimony  stories in these
Book 1. Prompted by
the will of God, I
embarked on my first
nonfictional in
Light: T
he Eye View
of God, a personal
testimony on how
alive and real
almighty God truly is,
His purpose for us
and His goodness
and wonderful works
 the children
of men!
Book 2. Invisible Shield
"You cannot see God because He is as
infrared light -- always there, but
undetectable by the mere human eye.
Infrared light exceeds, goes beyond the
limits of natural light. It is the invisible part
of light that exists below our visible range,
and cannot be seen with our natural
human eyes; likewise, our awesome God
is invisible and cannot be seen with our
natural human eyes,
because He is Holy
Spirit! But, we can feel His presence
upon us just as infrared light is
sometimes felt on ones skin.
Nevertheless, God is always there and
always sees us and every act we do."

Joy and Gladness: As
long as we are living in this
world, we are going to have
temptations, test, trials and
but James 1:2-3
say, "My brethren, count it all
joy when you fall into various
trials, knowing that the testing
of your faith produces
patience." Our trials comes to
build character, perseverance
and hope in us -- making us
strong and mature in Christ.
Therefore, Count it all Joy."
God is in Control!

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears
My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and
dine with him, and he with Me," (Revelation 3:20).

The door is in our hearts. God put that door / void in us when He
created us -- so when the time was right, He would knock. He
knocks when we get tired of doing things our way; and God is
the only One who is capable and able to come through that door
and fill that void, empty feeling inside you-making you to feel
satisfied and complete!
Moving books hold true inspiring first hand testimony stories  that
will change your life: Each book is filled with faith, hope and the
assurance of a loving God whose presence is always near to us
as the air we breathe
Moving Books stimulates your awareness, allowing you to
experience God's love, and see others with clear eyes from "God's
Eye View," not judging them for their sins, for you are able to see
that you, yourself have also sinned.   

After reading either
book, you will  ask
yourself one question,
How can anyone deny
the Power and Love of
the Creator God,
El-Elyon who is above
all evil, and greater than
any other POWER?
Many do not
Believe in Who or What
they cannot see, but I am a
living witness -- saying to

  • God is real whether you see Him or not
  • God is alive whether you believe it or not
  • God exists whether you can prove it or
  • God lives in you whether you know it
or  not
  • God IS, whether you feel Hm  or not, and
    without Him you or I  would be
  • Your body is God's temple whether you
    understand it or not
  • Therefore, above all, please don't
    let Satan deceive you into
    thinking and believing that God is
    dead, for He absolutely LIVES!

That is why it is so crucial for you to
have faith (be it as small as a mustard
seed) to believe in the Invisible, Unseen,
Awesome Almighty Creator God,


Hebrews 11:6 tells us these
very words, saying,
"But without faith it is impossible to
please Him, for he who comes to God
must believe that He is, and that He is a
rewarder of those who diligently seek

God is surely
alive and He is
as close to you
as the jugular
veins are in the
side of  your
necks, if  only
you but knew.  

Today, in 3 Moving Books, I share my incredible testimonial stories
with the world on how the true and living God miraculously manifested
Himself to me on a cold winter day in January 1995 in Emerson Arkansas
in my mother's kitchen.  God supernaturally arrested my spirit and
ascended me  up to the spirit realm where He allowed me to experience
His deep overflowing unconditional love, His boundless compassion, His
limitless forgiveness, His infinite mercy and His amazing grace-leaving
me never to be the same again.

That day was surely my day to bow and confess the True and Living
God, as it says in  Romans 14:11-12.  For it is written:
"As I live, says the LORD, Every knee shall bow to Me,
And every tongue shall confess to God. So then each
of us shall give account of himself to God."
When we walk and live in the light of God's presence and share our
problems with Him, good things are better and bad things more
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would only invite Him
into your heart, I
guarantee you He
will come!
Be Opened Minded -- Be a God Chaser: If You Honestly Seek Him, He Will Find You!  
I want only to uplift and point others to our awesome and loving God, but we MUST choose to accept Him -- if we don't, we automatically reject Him!